Lavena Johanson Death, Obituary

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Obituary of Lavena Johanson – Lavena Johanson was a US army soldier of nineteen year old. In 2005, she was found dead inside a burning tent. She was in a very bad condition there. Her broken nose, black eyes and broken teeth scared the viewers. Moreover, her genitals were also burnt by acid. US military investigated for ten months and took it as a suicide. But, her worse condition was totally changed from the story told by US army. She was not found in barracks. No suicide material was found near her dead body. So, how can criminal science approve it as a suicide? Seemingly, this issue has become like politics. Perhaps, military was hiding the evidences of her death because it would reveal the poor security of the US army.

Concerns of Her Father about her Death

The father of Lavena smelled a rat in this issue. So, he kept putting pressure on the US army to provide him the right evidence of her death. He demanded a copy of investigation from them. Moreover, he discussed about this issue with his son named joseph which was a graduate in criminal science.  Joseph examined the dead body of Lavena himself and he came to the conclusion that her shoulders were injured. Also, he found that her neck was broken badly. Someone must have beaten her ghastly. So, her father is demanding justice for her daughter.

It may be a Rape

Her burnt genitals revealed the reality that she did not commit suicide. Perhaps, she had been raped by some unknown savage persons. After her second autopsy, the report provided the information that the parts of her vagina had been removed surgically. Consequently, it has been cleared from the medical investigation that she did not commit suicide. Instead, she was attacked by the brutal people. Her father told that her daughter was not the only one who had been raped. He is demanding justice for all the girls whom deaths raised a question about the security system of US.


No one of us is safe in the twentieth century.  As we are progressing very fast, some bad things have also been developed. Robberies and rape cases are exceeding the limits. The right evidences of the death of Lavena Johanson revealed after the hot discussion of Representative William Lacy Clay, Jr. under the Freedom of Information Act. The CCIRI crime scene is also raising question about her death. It is working to pay attention of the world to this serious issue.

May she rest in peace!

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